Channel Rowers Return!

Stratford upon Avon Boat Club

The Channel Rowers Return!

SuABC Channel Rowers actual

After a number of delays due to poor weather conditions, the Stratford upon Avon Boat Club Channel rowers finally got clearance to attempt the crossing on last Friday morning.


Said Ray Coyte, crew captain,”We set off from Dover at just after 6am. The weather conditions were perfect with a flat sea, clear skies and only a slight wind. The boat felt very heavy and slow to begin with and it seemed to take ages to get away from the coast. At times, it felt as if the tide was just holding us back. There was a lot of shipping around us in mid channel and at one point we had to make an alteration of course to steer around and behind a West bound ship. Up close, you realise how fast they travel and how slow we were.”


“Rowing in heavy waterproofs and lifejackets was horrible and after a few hours we were all beginning to wonder if this was a good idea,” said Ruth Winter, crew member. “The sea started to build up just before the half way point and at times we found ourselves in some very choppy water that was throwing the boat all over the place. We found it hard to row through the rough water as we just could not settle into a steady rhythm and every time the boat hit a wave, it slowed us right down. It was never overly dangerous but we did get the odd wave slop over the side. As you can imagine, the problem was that you either had an immensely heavy oar to pull on or the oar was just missing the water completely! We all got a big boost when we passed the mid channel marker. Approaching the French coast was tough as it just seemed to take ages. The sea started to get really rough off Cap Gris-Nez and we really struggled to finish the row off.”


Said Jen Clements, Club Captain, “The Channel Rowers completed the crossing in a very respectable five hours and fifty eight minutes. They are all feeling a bit stiff at the moment but not too bad! Between them, they raised several thousand pounds for charity and they all, quite rightly, feel chuffed to bits! Stratford upon Avon Boat Club is very proud of our Channel Rowers and what they have achieved!”

SuABC Channel Rowers certificate

SonA DC’s Sports Awards – the Celebration of Sport

Stratford-on-Avon District Celebration of Sport 2013

Stratford-on-Avon District Council will be hosting a special Celebration of Sport evening in recognition of the wonderful year of sport that both Stratford and the UK as whole has experienced in 2012.

The 2013 event sponsored by NFU Mutual, Rybrook Stratford Mini and Everyone Active will be held on Friday 25th January at the Stratford Manor Hotel, Stratford upon Avon. The event will celebrate the sporting achievements of clubs, schools and individuals across the District as well as recognising the wonderful contributions made from so many volunteers and parents who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

David Moorcroft OBE and Andrew Pozzi
Sports Awards winner

Following on from the great success of last year, it is hoped that the 2013 celebration of sport will showcase a remarkable year of sport in the Stratford District including not only the Olympic and Paralympic Games with our successful athletes and volunteer Gamesmakers, but also the Olympic Torch Relay, Opening Ceremony events and other local events that took place across the district.


Senior Team of the Year:

Wellesbourne Ladies Rugby Team

Stratford Athletic Club Triathlon Team

Stratford on Avon Boat Club Men’s Team

Stratford Special Football Team

Captain/cox: Jenny Kneeland; Peter Molson; Simon Picken; Dr Ben Twiney; Charlie Harrison and Ben Gittus-Smith – for their wins at Henley Royal Regatta, Peterborough Regatta, Stourport Regatta, Ross Regatta, Worcester Small Boats Head and Stourport Small Boats Head (see Herald 27 December p31)

James Roe’s MBE

SPORTING stars, volunteers and businessmen are among those in Coventry and Warwickshire recognised in the New Year’s Honours.

Gold medal winning Paralympian James Roe has been made an MBE for services to rowing.

James had a rapturous welcome when he arrived home to Stratford-upon-Avon after he won gold in the mixed coxed four rowing event in the Paralympic Games.

The 24-year-old travelled around the town on an open-top bus as hundreds of spectators cheered and applauded and also had a post-box painted gold in his honour.

club will remain closed today

Latest update on the current flooding is that the club will remain closed today -Friday 23rd, and also tomorrow, Saturday 24th.


Once conditions improve help will be required to clean-up the sludge, slurry and debris which will be left behind the receding water levels and further updates will be emailed to you as & when the site can be further assessed.


Please standby until then.

the club and grounds remains closed

The river has risen rapidly overnight and is now into the boat sheds at the club and is up to the level of the lowest boat racks and to the steps at the back of the singles annexe near the changing room corridor.


Thanks to club members who were on site yesterday evening, and again early this morning, lower lying equipment and items most at risk have been moved to safer places. However, private boat owners are reminded that they are responsible for the safety of their items and should check on private belongings as soon as possible.


Meanwhile, with more rain and high winds forecast for later today, the club and grounds remains closed as a precautionary safety measure, to minimise risk of accidents since the flood water is covering grounds as well as being inside the building.




A message to this effect has been circulated to local schools, but parents and juniors who were due a session later today should avoid going to the club after school for picking-up etc.


The situation is being monitored and updates will be issued as & when they become available, so do keep an eye on your email and also on the club’s website.

Thanks The Stratford Town Trust

“The Stratford Town Trust Fast Track grants system came to the club’s aid recently following damage to two of the club’s boats. With our growing membership it is important to keep boats and equipment available and the Trust matched £200 from our repairs budget to allow the boats to be back in action within 3 weeks.”


Paralympian James Roe – Civic Reception



Olympic and Paralympic fever has swept the country and our athletes have achieved outstanding success at both games.

Nothing can be more rewarding for an athlete than to stand on the podium to receive a medal.  The whole country responds with a sense of pride and jubilation, but in the athlete’s home town, that pride has no bounds.

Such is the feeling in Stratford-upon-Avon, as we celebrate James Roe’s great achievement of winning a Gold Medal in the Mixed Coxed Four at the Paralympics on Sunday last.

The Mayor, Keith Lloyd and the Town Council cordially invite you to a Civic Reception in James’ honour at the Town Hall on Thursday 13 September, 2012 at 12:45pm.

James is due to arrive at the Town Hall at 12:55pm having first taken a victory tour in an open top bus around the town.  Weather permitting, the Town Council would be grateful if guests could await James’ arrival outside the Town Hall, so they can witness his entrance on to the balcony at 1:00pm to present his medal to the town.  We are sure that Stratford-upon-Avon will not disappoint in showing exuberant enthusiasm for James’ outstanding achievement, and union flags will be provided to assist with the celebration.  Sheep Street will be subject to a road closure order