the club and grounds remains closed

The river has risen rapidly overnight and is now into the boat sheds at the club and is up to the level of the lowest boat racks and to the steps at the back of the singles annexe near the changing room corridor.


Thanks to club members who were on site yesterday evening, and again early this morning, lower lying equipment and items most at risk have been moved to safer places. However, private boat owners are reminded that they are responsible for the safety of their items and should check on private belongings as soon as possible.


Meanwhile, with more rain and high winds forecast for later today, the club and grounds remains closed as a precautionary safety measure, to minimise risk of accidents since the flood water is covering grounds as well as being inside the building.




A message to this effect has been circulated to local schools, but parents and juniors who were due a session later today should avoid going to the club after school for picking-up etc.


The situation is being monitored and updates will be issued as & when they become available, so do keep an eye on your email and also on the club’s website.

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