Stratford ‘Explore’ Bewdley!

Stratford upon Avon Boat Club Explore rowers had a fun afternoon at the weekend in Bewdley in the sunshine and showers. The crew (pictured: Simon Price, Nils Purser, cox Celia Price, Rosie Stone and Paul Harrold) had a tricky encounter with an overhanging willow tree in their first race but finished a credible second place. Their second race however was a display of smooth and powerful rowing that saw Stratford overcome a fit Pengwern crew, an exhibition that made their even their coach marvel!

Said Glyn Hawkins, the Explore crew’s coach, “The regional Explore programme continues with events at Stourport, Birmingham and Upton with Stratford hosting their own mini Explore regatta on Sunday 08 October. Explore rowing has been a great success at Stratford and our current Explore squad came through previous years’ Learn to Row programmes which this year start on Monday 11 September.”

See media coverage see Stratford Observer p31, Stratford Herald p17 and online

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