Evesham Regatta 3/5/14

2 great wins and several crews making the finals.


J.14A.4x+ SUA-Bird

Monmouth Sch easily: City of Bristol by 3 feet in final – WINNER

W.J16A.4+ SUA-Cann

RGS by 4 lengths: Evesham by 1/2 length in final – WINNER

W.J14A.2x – SUA-Cox

City of Bristol by 2 1/4 lengths: Hinksey Sculling Sch easily: beaten by another Hinksey crew by 2 lengths in final

W.J15A.2x SUA-Jones

Evesham by 4 lengths: Gloucester by 2 lengths: beaten by Ross by 1 1/3 lengths in final

W.J14A.2x – SUA-Rosso

J.14A.2x – SUA-Bird

other SuABC J.14A.2x: beaten by City of Bristol by just 3 feet after re-row!

J.14A.2x – SUA-Ahmad

W.J15A.1  – SUA-Jones

NOV.1x – SUA-Appleton

W.IM3.4+ – SUA-Buckley

W.J14A.1x SUA-Cherry

W.J14A.1x SUA-Cox

NOV.2x SUA-Alcock

NOV.2x SUA-Cardwell

W.J14A.4x+ SUA-Hansen

W.J14A.4x+ SUA-Evans


W.J13A.4x+ – SUA-Willis

Hinksey by 1/2 length: beaten by event winners Ross by 1 3/4 lengths

J.15A.4x+ – SUA-Del Principe

W.J15A.2x – SUA-Whitehead

W.J15A.2x – SUA-Tiller


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