British Championships 2014

Sunday 19 & Saturday 20 July:  Stand out performances from WJ142x and OJ 142x who made the Sunday A/B finals along with WJ16 1x Imogen North who narrowly missed out on a medal. All ten of Stratford’s boats competed well at the highest level despite the rain, storms and sun – four seasons in one day!
OJ14 1x Max Beishon – 4th in D Final 08:50.17 (22nd overall)
OJ142x Conrad Bird & Isaac Herring – 4th in B Final 08:14.23 (10th overall)
OJ1x Franklin Hamilton – 4th in E Final 07:47.14 (28th overall)
WJ142x Charlotte Cox & Georgina Cherry – 6th in SF A/B1 – retired with injury (12th overall)
WJ14 4x+ Theo Mordaunt, Olivia Hansen, Isabella Rosso, Sofia Ward cox Jasmine Key – Final D race abandoned due to storm (22nd overall)
WJ151x Esme Booth – Final C race abandoned (15th overall)
WJ152x Lamorna Jarvis & Elena Whitehead – 2nd in E Final 08:34.01(26th overall)
WJ161x Imogen North – 4th in A Final 08:52.63 (4th overall)
WJ16 4+ Millie Flambert, Jessica Cann, Niamh Mackey, Rhianna Ngombe cox Rebecca Stokes – 6th in Eliminator 1 08:46.88 (12th overall)
WJ16 4- Cassandra Bird, Maddie Gardner, Grace Lodge, Phoebe Winter – 4th in Eliminator 1 08:11.89 (7th overall)
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