Sunday 30th & Monday 31st August – Ross Regatta

The last Regatta of the season and held over the bank holiday weekend, it is always a fun one which includes dragon boat racing as well as the usual junior, senior and masters action.  Stratford had 3 wins and 6 crews into finals on the Sunday with a further win and 2 runners up on the Sunday.

Sunday 30th

Division 1

W.J18A.1x   Lucy Weston   WIN

W.J13A.4x+   SUA-Phillips   WIN

W.J18A.1x   SUA-Ciepalowicz   Lost in final

W.J14A.2x   SUA-Davies   Lost in final

Division 2

W.J16A.1x   Laura Tiller   WIN

W.J18A.2x   SUA-Lodge   Lost in final

J15A.2x   SUA-Buckley   Lost in final

J16A.1x   SUA-Herring   Lost in final

W.J13.1x   SUA-Keil   Lost in final

Monday 31st

Division 1

IM1.1x   Ed Lewry   Lost in final

Division 2

Mx.IM1.x   SUA-Lewry   WIN

W.IM3.1x   Sofia Ward   Lost in final

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