Saturday 20th June – Stratford Regatta

5 wins for Stratford at our own Regatta and a further 8 crews into the final.

Division 1

Win for J13A.4x+   SUA-Keil

Lost in final   J14A.1x   SUA-Wiesheu & W.J13A.4x+   SUA-Mitchell

Division 2

Wins for W.NOV.1x   SUA-Ciepalowicz & W.J14A.2x   SUA-Neville

Lost in final   W.J15A.2x   SUA-Teakle & J15A.2x   SUA-Evans

Division 3

Win for W.J16A.1x   Esme Booth

Lost in final   W.J18A.2x   SUA-Buckley & W.J14A.4x+   SUA-Winsper

Division 4

Win for W.J13A.2x   SUA-Wiesheu

Lost in final   J13A.2x   SUA-Flambert & W.J13A.2x   SUA-Browne

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