Sat 14 Feb – Worcester Head

Despite a valiant effort by a very depleted junior squad, they didn’t manage to secure any wins this time and neither did our seniors, however our veteran crews battled the cold and the fog in the morning to secure two wins.

Division 1

MasD.2x  Tom Doherty & Gary Clay, 22:18.503,1st of 3   WIN

MasD.2-  Richard Nelson & Simon Beard, 22:39.855, 1st of 2   WIN

Division 2

MasD.4+  Gary Clay, Richard Nelson, Simon Beard, Glynn Hawkins, cox Jen Clements, 22:02.678, 2nd of 3

SUA-Reeder, SEN.4+, 20:07.697, 2nd of 2

SUA-Bird, W.J18A.8+, 22:13.922, 2nd of 2

SUA-Maher, W.IM3.2x, 25:00:778

SUA-Bird, J15A.4+, 22:39.199

KES-Beighton, NOV.4+, 21:49.322, 2nd of 3

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