Junior Leaders Come Forward

SuABC JL September 3Schools are back in more ways than one at Stratford upon Avon Boat Club at the weekend as a group of young people spent Saturday and Sunday learning how to run and supervise rowing sessions.

Said Andrew Roe, Stratford upon Avon Boat Club’s Head Coach, “As people move on to university and leave Stratford’s Junior Squad, there is a constant requirement to train more of the older juniors to take an active role in running rowing at the Club. The course runs over two days and is quite intensive. Participants learn about personal and crew safety and taking responsibility for those who they are coaching.




The course also heightens the Junior Leaders’ awareness of safety.”SuABC JL September 2

Andrew Roe commented, “Already, many of the members of the last course are assisting with the Club’s adult Learn to Row courses which are now full and running throughout the autumn. It was also good to welcome a member from Stourport Boat Club on to the course and hear about how they supervise and coach rowing. Apart from the course work, there are practical sessions out on the water.”

SuABC JL September 1

Said Will Bird, Junior Co-ordinator, “Having trained Junior Rowing Leaders in the Club is essential as they are a very useful resource for the Club and help the adult coaches immensely. They also used and develop other supervisory and life skills which will be useful to them in the future.”

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