Hampton Small Boats Head 16/11/13

The Club made a strong entry for Hampton Small Boats Head which was raced over a 3km downstream course. Weather and river conditions were perfect. All our crews gave a very good account of themselves in one of the top and most competitive sculling events in the rowing calendar. Almost 800 boats took part over two divisions. Stats/Results below:
Division 1
J17A2x Stirling (9:38:8) 9th of 13
J17A.1x Lewry (10:52:8) 44th of 54
W.J16A.1 North (11:06:9) 5th of 54
J15A.1 Skuse (11:09:4) 14th of 23
W.J15A.2x Jarvis (11:20:0) 14th of 21
W.J17A.1x Holden (11:49:2) 29th of 37
W.J15A.1x Booth (11:57:7) 13th of 18
W.J16A.1 Winter (12:10:7) 46th of 54
Division 2
J17A.2- Stirling (9:50:9) 5th of 11
W.J18A.2x Gardner (10:53:3) 8th of 15
W.NOV.1x Weston (12:59:9) 4th of 4
W.J16A.1 Bird – Scratched
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