Coxless Quad (4x) – Fund raising

Junior members of the club have identified the need for a 4x so that J16 and older can compete. They have resolved to raise funds, seek whatever grant aid may be available and adopt other ideas to amass a target of £8000. Parents with appropriate expertise have stepped in to help, guide and search for grant aid.


Lucy Honychurch, our Junior Captain has launched the fund by seeking sponsorship for competing in the Stratford Half Marathon on Sunday 29 April. Here’s what Lucy had to say about it:


A wet and windy start to our fundraising for the four!! Last Sunday when I ran the half marathon (beginning the marathon task of raising enough money for a new boat) the weather conditions weren’t ideal…. However hard the wind blew, however hard the rain thrashed, I was going to run this race! There I was at the start- feeling a little like an animal for the slaughter behind all the metal fencing with all the other runners- ready to finish already. We began. The beginning was good- lots of spectators cheering and lots of things to keep me distracted. Everything was going good until Welford when the wind picked up, the rain began to sting your face as it was harshly blown into it, and there were no more spectators along the route to raise our spirits. But I kept going…the thought of a cup of tea spurred me on! Through all the puddles, and up the couple hills, along lots of roads…..finally I made it to the finish line! After 1 hour and 46 minutes and 50 seconds I could finally stop. However it definitely felt worth it. But of course when I stopped running, the rain didn’t stop raining. So I went to my second home; where I knew I could find a little warmth and shelter (and some spare dry kit that I could steal!) So I went to the boat club. I ran the half marathon for my boat club, and to help the juniors out. A have already raised a few funds from the half marathon which I am extremely grateful for, but a couple extra pounds from a couple extra people will make last Sunday even more worthwhile! So dig deep and help out your boat club.

Forthcoming fund raising events so get the dates in your diaries NOW:


Courtesy of Kineton High School the J15 boys are arranging & performing in their very own


Tuesday 26th June 2012 6.30pm – 8.30pm

At Kineton High School

All proceeds towards the Coxless Quad

Ticket details to follow


Friday 20 July at the Golden Cross, Ardens Grafton (courtesy of Debbie, Lucy’s sister)

An Outdoor Live Music Bash by the Boat Club’s talented musicians – ALL Boat Club musicians are invited to participate and entertain the vast crowds.

More details to follow.

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