Bumper Bank Holiday Weekend for Boat Club!

Ross Regatta has always been a favourite away regatta for Stratford upon Avon Boat Club not only that it is a two day event but also because of the friendly atmosphere and high quality of completion. This last weekend’s away regatta at Ross on Wye was no exception though the weather was disappointing.

Said coach Dr Graham Collier, “Sunday started well with Laura Tiller winning her WJ16 1x category and then the Junior squad with KatiePhilips, Gracie Mitchell, Emily Browne, Jessica Wiesheu and cox Mimi Hill winning their WJ13 4x+ race. There were many of the finalists who came very close – WJ14 2x, Isaac Herring rowing up to J16 1x, some of the WJ15 girls and boys J14 2x, Autumn Keil WJ13 1x to name a few.”

The President of Ross Rowing Club, Ian Howell, commented on the great range of high quality crews at the regatta and how all the Stratford athletes put up a great show.

On Monday, the regatta continued well with Imogen North and Ed Lewry winning their Mixed IM1 x2: Imogen then won her WJ18 x1 and Ed finished the day with two thrilling races in his Men’s IM1 x 1 category just losing in the final with a very close race having been in a dead heat in his previous race and thus having to row twice. Victoria Ward came extremely close in the final of WIM3 1x but was beaten by Exeter Rowing Club. This was Victoria’s race at this level.

The Stratford Superstars (senior men) just beat the Stratford Delinquents (junior boys) in the fun competition Pointless Eights final! It was also rumoured that a Dakota fly past overhead was in their honour to celebrate the eight’s and Stratford’s success at the end of a brilliant weekend!

For media coverage, see The Herald p17

For more photographs of Ross Regatta, see pictures taken by Dave Phillips at http://bit.ly/1KLoLbQ

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