Learn to Row

Learn to row courses are an introduction to the sport, usually over 8-10 weekly sessions.  By the end of a course you will realise that you have only just started learning and it will take a great deal of time to become competent!   You need a good level of fitness and agility, and be pursuing other regular exercise to be fit enough to row.

As a highly visible club in the middle of Stratford-upon-Avon we are inundated with requests for learn to row.  During 2022 we’re still catching up with the disruption that covid had on our learn to row and follow on programmes, and we are unable to start any new courses this year.  Sorry to disappoint, but our ‘register your interest’ list will not re-open until 2023.  We hope you find another sport or interest to try.


If you would like a rowing taster, you could get together a crew of 4 and enter our Fun Regatta which runs in July.  More details here