Learn to Row

Learn to Row

 If you haven’t rowed before, or you last rowed years ago, this introductory course is for you.


Rowing is a highly skilful sport, and it takes a considerable time to develop competence, so the Learn to Row course is only an introduction to see if you and the sport are suited to each other.  

You need to be fit and agile to row.  When you are first learning, you will need to be pursuing other regular physical exercise to ensure you are fit enough to row.  

All our learn to row courses are full for 2019, and were heavily over-subscribed.

Our next course will start at Easter 2020.  If you would like to receive details when they are finalised in spring 2020, please email celia.price@justchecking.co.uk


 Returning to rowing and want to join a casual crew? Consider weekday rowing or other ways to join SuABC.






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