Sat 27 Sept – Wallingford Long Distance Sculls

Very stiff competition today with many of our athletes tackling their first long distance row.  Congratulations to Imogen North who came in 1st of the 15 boats in her category.  Our only win of the day but some splendid rowing from everyone nevertheless.

Division 1

J15A.1x  Max Beishon, 21:17.0, 4th of 9, placed 397 overall

J15A.2x  Isaac Herring & Conrad Bird, 19:13.5, 3rd of 5, placed 225 overall

J15A.2x  Ben Evans & Khalid Ahmad, 20:06:3, 4th of 5, placed 307 overall

W.J15A.4x+  Robin Connolly, Katie Evans, Lois Battersby, Jasmine Key, cox Charlotte Cox, 24:47.6, 11th of 11, placed 462 overall

W.J15A.4x+  Sofia Ward, Liv Hansen, Claire Teakle, Izzy Rosso, cox Izzy Moore, 19:55.0, 7th of 11, placed 287 overall

W.J16A.2x  Lamorna Jarvis & Elena Whitehead, 20:29.4, 9th of 16, placed 345 overall

IM1.1x  Franklin Hamilton, 18:11.5, 6th of 7, placed 101 overall

Division 3

W.J15A.1x  Charlotte Cox, 21:55.8, 4th of 7, placed 428 overall

W.J15A.1x  Georgina Cherry, 21:38.0, 3rd of 7, placed 418 overall

W.J17A.1x  Imogen North, 19:48.6, 1st of 15, placed 279 overall     WIN!!!!!


Sat 6 Sep – Worcester Autumn Regatta

Stiff competition at the Worcester Sprint Regatta on Saturday!  The standard was definitely higher than previous years with strong crews from several clubs including AB Severn, Stourport and Worcester themselves.  Nevertheless, there was some very exciting racing and some great performances, so well done to all our crews.  With at least 7 races lost in finals, our 3 wins on the day could so easily have been a much larger tally.

Our 3 wins were:

W.IM3.8+  Easy win for Harriet Smith, Jacqueline Rushe, Fran Mills-Baker, Lizzy Collins, Amy Freeman, Rachel Knott, Sian Maher, Rose Moore (cox Beccy Stokes)

Mx.IM2.2x  Ed Lewry & Imogen North

W.J18A.1x  Imogen North

Other results:

Division 1

W.NOV.4+  Sophie Potter, Isabel Zakers, Kate Higginson, Jess Smith, cox Harriet Smith (lost in final)

Mx.SEN.4+  Jonny Messling, Robert Bonham, Rachel Knott, Isabel Zakers, cox Beccy Stokes (lost in final)

NOV.2x  Jonny Messling & Charlie Harrison

MasC/D.2x  Jo Wyles & Phil Marshall (lost in final)

MasF/H.2x  SUA-Moore

W.J15A.1x  Izzy Rosso / Charlotte Cox / Georgina Cherry

J15A.1x  Conrad Bird

W.J16A.2x  Lamorna Jarvis & Elena Whitehead / Jessica Cann & Esme Booth / Rianna Ngombe & Grace Harkin

W.J15A.4x+  Theo Mordaunt, Liv Hansen, Claire Teakle, Sofia Ward, cox Becky Stokes / Jasmine Key, Lois Battersby, Katie Evans, Robin Connolly, cox Emily Brooks

J18A.1x  Ed Lewry (lost in final)

W.J18A.4x-  Lucy Weston, Grace Lodge, Gabi Clack & Harriet Buckley

J15A.4x+  Isaac Herring, Max Beishon, Khalid Ahmed, Ben Evans, cox Izzy Moore (lost in final)

Division 2

ELI.4+- The West of England Challenge Vase  Martin Hotton, Ben Gittus-Smith, Ben Twiney, James Roe, cox Jess Saunders

W.IM3.2x  Sian Maher & Victoria Ward (lost in semi final)

Mx.IM2.2x  Maddie Gardner & Ollie Smith (lost in final)  /  Rose Moore & Ben Gittus Smith (lost in semi final)

W.J17A.2x  Cassie Bird & Phoebe Winter (lost in final)

W.J16A.1x  Africa Jones – scratched / Esme Booth

J16A.1  Max Beishon (rowing up) / Alex England

J15A.2x  Conrad Bird & Isaac Herring (lost in final) / Khalid Ahmad & Ben Evans

W.J15A.2x  Izzy Rosso & Emily Brooks / Charlotte Cox & Georgina Cherry / Theo Mordaunt & Liv Hansen – scratched / Jasmine Key & Sofia Ward

Sat 23, Sun 24 & Mon 25 August – Ross Regatta

With the addition of Dragon Boat racing this year and many members and their families camping, the Ross Regatta weekend was declared a resounding success!

There were plenty of antics on the Saturday with the dragon boat racing and the club managed to get a boat into the final but sadly lost out.  The fun that was had more than made up for the loss!

Sunday saw the following four wins for the club:

J18.1x Ed Lewry

J14.2x Conrad Bird & Isaac Herring

W.J14.4x+ Georgina Cherry, Charlotte Cox, Claire Teakle, Sofia Ward, cox Becky Stokes

W.J13.4x+ Issy Marsden, Lara Davies, Maddy Winsper, Rebecca Powell (Ross), cox Howard Gould-Yates

….and on bank holiday Monday we had a further four wins:

IM3.2x Ed Lewry & Martin Hotton

Mx.IM3.2x Ruth Winter & Will McLeod

Mx.IM3.8+ Cassie Bird, Phoebe Winter, Maddie Gardner, Grace Lodge, Will Lindsay, Pete Boyes, Oli Smith, Simon Picken, cox Becky Stokes

IM3.4+ Will Lindsay, Pete Boyes, Maddie Gardner & Grace Lodge, cox Becky Stokes

A super end to the season.

Sat 16 August – Warwick Regatta

Wins for:-

OJ14.1x Isaac Herring

WJ14.4x+ Charlotte Cox, Claire Teakle, Isabella Rosso, Sofia Ward, cox Izzy Moore

WJ15.2x Lamorna Jarvis & Elena Whitehead

KES W.Nov/WJ18.4+ Sophie Reynolds, Hannah Bone, Sophie Hobson, Georgia Hunt, cox Luke Tillman

Masters OM D/E 2- Crew to be confirmed


Saturday 2 August – Henley Town & Visitors

OJ14.1x – Max Beishon – Lost in Semi Final

WJ14.1x – Georgina Cherry – Lost in Final

OJ14.2x – Conrad Bird & Isaac Herring – WIN

WJ14.2x – Izzy Rosso & Claire Teakle – Lost in Final

OJ15.1x – Alex England – Lost in Quarter Final

OJ15.1x – Alex Del Principe – Lost in Semi Final

WJ15.1x – Africa Jones – Lost in Semi Final

WJ15.1x – Laura Tiller – Lost in Semi Final

OJ15.2x – Alex England & Alex Del Principe – Lost in Final

WJ15.2x – Jessica Cann & Rhianna Ngombe – Lost in Semi Final

WJ16.1x – Lucy Weston – Lost in Semi Final

WJ16.1x – Imogen North – WIN

WJ18.2x – Grace Lodge & Lucy Weston – Lost in Final

IM3.1x – Ed Lewry – Lost in Quarter Final

Mx.IM3.2x – Imogen North & Ed Lewry – Lost in Final

W.IM3.4+ – Harriet Smith, Jacqueline Rushe, Sian Maher and Amy Feeman, cox Shruti Chaudhri – Lost in Final

W.NOV.4+ – Victoria Ward, Catherine Simpson, Emma Griffiths, Alexina Jackson, cox Harriet Smith – Lost in Semi Final

IM2.4+ – (crew currently unconfirmed) Lost in Semi Final






Saturday 17th May – Worcester Regatta

Worcester Regatta 17/5/14

We do hope to be able to bring you full results from the Worcester Regatta but in the meantime here’s details of our winning crews.

WJ15 1x – Esme Booth

WJ15 2x  – Ellie Whitehead & Lamorna Jarvis

WJ15 4+ – Laura Tiller, Grace Harkin, Jessica Cann, Rianna Ngombe, Cox Becky Stokes

WJ14 2x  – Georgina Cherry & Charlotte Cox

J14 4x+ – Max Beishon, Khalid Ahmad, Conrad Bird, Ben Evans, Cox Izzy Moore

Well done to all who took part.

Abingdon Spring Head 6/4/14

5 wins, including the cup for the fastest row of the day for the men’s IM3 coxless four.

Division 1:-

Georgina Cherry W.J14A.1.x – 10.20 – 2nd of 4 (only 3 seconds behind the winner)

Charlotte Cox W.J14A.1x – 11.39 – 4th of 4

Izzy Rosso & Claire Teakle WJ14A.2x – 10.29 – 7th of 10

Lois Battersby & Jasmine Key WJ14A.2x – 11.17 – 9th of 10

Camelia Assadian & Katie Evans WJ14A.2x – 12.17 – 10th of 10

Division 2:-

Georgia Holden WJ17A.1x – 10.47 – 2nd of 3

Ben Gittus-Smith, Franklin Hamilton, Oliver Smith, Harry Sterling IM3.4x- – 07.17 –  WIN (Cup for fastest of the day)

Max Beishon J14A.1x – 10.51 – 3rd of 3

Conrad Bird & Isaac Herring J14A.2x – 9.15 – 1st of 4  WIN

Ben Evans & Khalid Ahmad J14A.2x – 10.12 – 3rd of 4

Ed Lewry J17A.1x – 9.03 – 6th of 11

Maddie Gardner W.IM2.1x – 11.07 – 2nd of 3

Division 3:-

Georgina Cherry & Charlotte Cox W.J14.A2x – 9.29 – 1st of 10  WIN

Liv Hansen, Theo Mordaunt, Izzy Rosso, Claire Teakle, cox Izzy Moore W.J14A.4x+ – 10.13 – 7th of 9 (time penalty)

Lois Battersby, Emily Brooks, Katie Evans, Jasmine Key, cox Camelia Assadian W.J14A.4x+ – 11.56 – 9th of 9

Ellie Whitehead & Millie Flambert W.J15A.2x – 10.12 – 8th of 10

Imogen North W.J16A.1x – 09.54 – 1st of 5  WIN

Jessica Cann, Niamh Mackey, Rhianna Ngombe, Rachel Stratton, cox Jeffrey Flambert W.J16A.4+ – 09.38 – 1st of 3  WIN

Phil Marshall & Jo Wyles MxMasD.NOV.2x – 9.55

Linda Casement, Lorraine Mackey, Victoria Ward, Ruth Winter, (+ cox borrowed from Abingdon) W.IM3.4+ – 09.46 – 4th of 6

Cassie Bird, Gabriella Clack, Maddie Gardner, Lorraine O’Hare, Mihaela Radu, Harriet Smith, Jessica Smith, Lucy Weston, cox Pippa Saunders W.IM3.8+ – 8.43 – 4th of 8

Division 4:-

Conrad Bird, Ben Evans, Khalid Ahmad, Isaac Herring, cox Izzy Moore J14A.4x+ – 8.57 – 2nd of 5

Alexander Del Principe + Alex England J15A.2x – 9.32 – 6th of 8

Franklin Hamilton & Harry Stirling J17A.2x – 8.08 – 2nd of 4

Mihaela Radu & Harriet Smith W.IM3.2x – 10.06 – 3rd of 3

Cassie Bird, Gabriella Clack, Maddie Gardner, Lucy Weston, cox Pippa Saunders W.IM3.4+ – 09.42 – 3rd of 6


Junior Inter-Regional Regatta

Despite stiff competition at Worcester, and some very near misses (beaten by half a second? ouch) five of our ‘crews’ will be going forward to represent the West Midlands.

Georgina Cherry WJ14 1x

Conrad Bird & Isaac Herring J14 2x

Africa Jones & Esme Booth WJ15 2x

Imogen North (with Frances) in Stratford/Evesham composite WJ16 2x
Cassie Bird, Phoebe Winter & Lucy in a composite WJ16 8+
Maddie also won the WJ18 1x gold medal in the West Midlands Championships for those over J16.
Another great day for our Juniors.