Stratford Triumph at Gloucester

SuABC Gloucester March 2016 KES Novice FourIn Sunday’s Gloucester Spring Head on the Gloucester – Sharpness Canal, Stratford upon Avon Boat Club’s Women’s Novice coxed four in only their second race claimed a very commendable second place to Royal Grammar School Worcester by a mere eight seconds. Said coach Helen Smith, “This was an excellent performance by a relatively inexperienced crew who are continually improving.”SuABC Gloucester March 2016 Booth 1

Stratford Masters rowers Richard Nelson, Gary Clay and Thomas Doherty continued their run of fine form in a Bridgnorth composite eight recording their third straight win in SuABC Gloucester March 2016 Booth medalMasters’ C/D/E division beating into second place a quality Monmouth Masters C crew by twenty seconds. Commented Gary Clay, “Whilst this wasn’t our best row, we dealt reasonably well with the choppy conditions and look forward to an improved performance at the North of England Head next week as we continue to build up to the National Eights head in London.”

Stratford’s sister club King Edward The Sixth Grammar School won Novice 4+ and WJ18 1X. Their Novice 8 was third in their event and third in their Division.

Esme Booth who rows for both Stratford and KES was in fine form and was the fastest sculler in Division 2, male or female.

For more media cover, see Stratford Observer online and Stratford Herald p17

Another Successful Weekend for Stratford

Stratford upon Avon Boat Club members Simon Beard, Richard Nelson and Thomas Doherty rowing in a Bridgnorth composite eight won Masters E eights beating in the process all Masters C and D eights in the event in a time of 13 minutes and 22.18 seconds to finish eighth fastest crew on the day out of seventy entries at the Worcester Head.

Said Tom Doherty, “This was a positive start to our Vesta Masters’ eights head campaign which we are taking forward to Runcorn next Saturday for a stiff test over 6km against expected high quality opposition.”

Stratford’s Men’s Elite 4+ finished fastest coxed four of the day with a time of 13 minutes and 21.6 seconds. The Stratford’s Men’s Senior coxed four finished second in afternoon division with a time of 13 minutes and 39 seconds. Said Dr Ben Twiney, Men’s Seniors Vice Captain, “We were treating these as training pieces for upcoming heads and regattas and were rate capped but we were still pleased with our performances.”

The Junior Squad can report a win for the WJ18 coxless quad of Imogen North, Lucy Weston, Cassie Bird and Phoebe Winter. Opposition was limited to a crew from Evesham but the girls put in a good performance as the start of their preparation for the Schools Head on 17 March.

Stratford’s sister club, King Edward The Sixth Grammar School’s eight also competed at Worcester covering the 4.5km course in a very decent 14.02 minutes. Their final position was fourteenth overall in Division 1 and fourth in the Novice Eights.For meda coverage, seeStratford Herald p17 and Stratford Observer p31.SuABC KES Worcester eight February 2016 1

GB Trials for Stratford Juniors

Last weekend, local rowers Esme Booth and Isaac Herring travelled to Boston in Lincolnshire to take part in the British Rowing Junior Trials. Both currently row as Juniors for Stratford upon Avon Boat Club. The club currently has a thriving junior section and has had many recent successes at Junior level as well as at Senior and Masters levels.

For Isaac, this was his first outdoor water-based trial at Boston whereas Esme has taken part in three indoor ergo-based assessments finishing 17th out of 103 contestants. Esme has also been to previous outdoor water-based trial so far this school year.

In what were very windy and challenging conditions, both rowers raced in single sculls on Saturday over a course of 5km – Esme (WJ18) finishing 52nd (out of 120 juniors) and Isaac (J16) finishing 20th (out of 35 J16s).

On Sunday, both returned to Boston in even windier conditions and partnered with rowers from other participating clubs to row in double sculls races. This time Esme finishing in 19th position and Isaac finishing in 15th position in their relative categories.

Coach Alan Nash was in attendance over the two days and was very impressed with the achievements of both rowers in what were far from ideal conditions. Alan commented, “At this level of trials, Esme and Isaac were in competition with the top United Kingdom rowers including those from the Thames-based elite rowing clubs and also the very successful rowing schools and colleges. Both rowers can be proud of their performances over the two days of racing and it is very encouraging to see Stratford Boat Club junior rowing represented at this high level”.

Over the next few weeks, Esme will be continuing through the British Rowing Junior Trial process – the goal for all rowers will be to represent their country in a series of international competitions.

For media coverage, see Stratford Herald p17 and Stratford Herald online: and Stratford Observer p31SuABC Esme Boston February double

The Perfect Exercise

Rowers from Stratford upon Avon Boat Club led by Chris Straw visited Helen Ley Care Centre in Royal Leamington Spa last week as part ofSuABC Parkinson's 1 a club instigated outreach programme. The aims of the programme are to take rowing into the community to present the beneficial effects of rowing as a means of helping to alleviate the symptoms of neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. At the same time, the programme provides an enjoyable means of exercise which is suited to the condition.

Chris who is himself a suffer from Parkinson’s is keenly interested in research studies into the effects that regular repetitive exercise may have in improving a patient’s balance, gait, tremor, flexibility and motor co-ordination.

As part of the visit, people of all levels of ability and condition were able to try rowing on state of the art indoor rowing machines and experience an enjoyable means of exercise tailored to their own level of condition. All the participants really enjoyed the experience and are keen to continue with the programme in the future.

Said Chris, “The clear star of the show was Thomas Harland (pictured) who, despite being quite immobile, was determined to try rowing: we discovered that notwithstanding his condition, he was able to row with an excellent technique as a result of having been an Eton schoolboy rower but having never rowed since school over half a century ago! The look on Thomas’s face as his rowing memories came flooding back was absolutely priceless!”

Norwegian on The River Avon!

SuABC Norwegian 3Stratford upon Avon Boat Club found itself in the limelight last Wednesday with a visit from Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK.

A production team from the broadcaster saw Stratford rowers provide film extras for a documentary on the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Norway’s famous actor Christian Greger Strøm took to the water with Stratford Boat Club to explain to Norwegian viewers the significance of Holy Trinity Church and its famous grave.

Fortunately the weather stayed fair for filming enabling Norwegian Television to complete a wrap! The episode will be a part of a programme broadcasted in all the Scandinavian countries in April, showing the link between Shakespeare’s plays and Scandinavia.

Said Kjersti Rogneflaten Woolley, Regatta Secretary, said, “It was most interesting to be on the other side of the television camera for a change and to see their genuine interest in all things Shakespeare, Stratford upon Avon and the Boat Club: who knows, perhaps we’ll get regatta entries from Norway on Saturday 18 June!”

Saturday 17th October – Evesham Junior Head

Division 1

J16A.1x   Conrad Bird   3rd of 5   8.15

J16A.1x   Max Beishon   4th of 5   8.38

W.J16A.1x   Issy Finch   5th of 5   9.52

W.J15A.2x   SUA-Davies   1st of 10   8.19    WIN

W.J14A.4x+   Gracie Mitchell, Autumn Keil, Jessica Wiesheu, Katie Wellstead, cox Mimi Hill   1st of 11   8.10    WIN

W.J16A.4x-   Izzy Rosso, Liv Hansen, Claire Teakle, Sofia Ward   2nd of 5   8.05

Division 2

W.J18A.4+   Lamorna Jarvis, Jessican Cann, Laura Tiller, Niamh Mackey, cox Jasmine Key   4th of 4   8.45

J18A.4+   Conrad Bird, Isaac Herring, Khalid Ahmad, Ben Evans, cox Mimi Hill   4th of 5   8.00

J18A.4+   Ben Clark, Harry Forty, Ed Beighton,  Joe Taylor, cox Josh North   2nd of 5   7.23

J18A.4+   SUA-Savage   5th of 5   8.25

J18A.4+   Pieter Skuse, Sam Casement, Kit Gallagher, Hamish DeNett, cox Izzy Underwood   3rd of 5   7.52

Division 3

J16A.2x   Isaac Herring & Max Beishon   1st of 3   7.16    WIN + New Course Record

W.J18A.1x   Rachel Stratton (KES)   6th of 6   9.42

W.J18A.1x   Esme Booth   1st of 6   8.41    WIN

W.J18A.4x-   Imogen North, Lucy Weston, Cassie Bird, Phoebe Winter   1st of 5   7.40    WIN + New Course Record

W.J16A.2x   Jasmine Key & Katie Evans   12th of 15   9.28

W.J16A.2x   Lois Battersby & Issy Finch   15th of 15   9.41

W.J16A.2x   Liv Hansen & Sofia Ward   7th of 15   8.45

J14A.2x   Geoffrey Flambert & Joe Hodson   1st of 4   8.41   WIN

W.J14A.2x   Emily Browne & Katie Phillips   1st of 8   8.30    WIN + New Course Record

J15A.1x   Nathan Wiesheu   8th= of 12   9.26

W.J15A.4x+   SUA-Marsden   3rd of 5   8.23

W.J15A.4x+   SUA-Willis/Dwyer   5th of 5   8.33

Saturday 26th September – Wallingford Long Distance Sculls

No wins over the full course in Divisions 1 and 3 but our W.J14.4x+ crew were the fastest crew of the day over the short course with a win in Division 2.

Division 1

W.J15A.4x+   SUA-Willis, 3rd of 11, 19.17.9

J16A.4x-   SUA-Evans, 2 of 5, 16.53.7

W.J16A.2x   SUA-Cherry, 6th of 14, 20.59.3

W.J16A.2x   SUA-Finch, 13th of 14, 22.54.5

W.J18A.1x   Imogen North, 3rd of 35, 20.35.1
Division 2

W.J14.4x+   Katie Wellstead, Gracie Mitchell, Katie Philips, Emily Browne, cox Mimi Hill    WIN – fastest crew of the day over the short course

W.J14.2x   Jessica Wiesheu & Autumn Keil

J14.2x   Jeffrey Flambert & Joe Hodson

Division 3
J16A.1x   Isaac Herring, 5th of 8, 19.45.0
J16A.1x   SUA-Ahmad, 3rd of 4, 19.04.0
W.J17A.1x   Esme Booth, 3rd of 19, 20.40.3
W.J18A.4x-   SUA-Mackey, 7th of 7, 19.10.8
W.NOV.4x+   SUA-Ward, 2nd of 3, 19.57.9


Sunday 30th & Monday 31st August – Ross Regatta

The last Regatta of the season and held over the bank holiday weekend, it is always a fun one which includes dragon boat racing as well as the usual junior, senior and masters action.  Stratford had 3 wins and 6 crews into finals on the Sunday with a further win and 2 runners up on the Sunday.

Sunday 30th

Division 1

W.J18A.1x   Lucy Weston   WIN

W.J13A.4x+   SUA-Phillips   WIN

W.J18A.1x   SUA-Ciepalowicz   Lost in final

W.J14A.2x   SUA-Davies   Lost in final

Division 2

W.J16A.1x   Laura Tiller   WIN

W.J18A.2x   SUA-Lodge   Lost in final

J15A.2x   SUA-Buckley   Lost in final

J16A.1x   SUA-Herring   Lost in final

W.J13.1x   SUA-Keil   Lost in final

Monday 31st

Division 1

IM1.1x   Ed Lewry   Lost in final

Division 2

Mx.IM1.x   SUA-Lewry   WIN

W.IM3.1x   Sofia Ward   Lost in final